What are the Best West Cobb Neighborhoods?


Cobb County is the third largest county in Metro Atlanta and is considered the most financially stable county in the Metro Atlanta area.

It is really just one big county, but when it comes to talking about it in real estate terms, you will often hear the county referred to as East Cobb and West Cobb.

While you won’t really find an actual physical line dividing East Cobb and West, a lot of people consider the “Big Chicken” as the defining point that separates the two parts of the county.

Where to Live in West Cobb

In geographic terms, you can consider it to be just about anything that is west of I-75, but not all (more about that in a minute).

West Cobb – The Early Years

Prior to the late 1980s and early 1990s, West Cobb was for the most part a rural area and East Cobb had much of the growth due to its closer proximity to Atlanta. If you wanted the best schools, newest shopping malls and state-of-the-art theaters, you bought a home and lived in East Cobb.

Land was much more inexpensive in West Cobb back then.

Today, West Cobb has just about everything that East Cobb has to offer – only newer. This includes its shopping centers, businesses, restaurants, and movie theaters.

West Cobb Communities

Although it is sometimes subjective as to which communities are considered part of the West Cobb area (some people also include areas like Austell, Smyrna, and Mableton, but most consider those areas South Cobb), it is usually noted as being these four cities. Each has its own uniqueness and charm:


Who lives there? There is a mixture of both white and blue-collar workers with 18 percent of Acworth’s residents working in retail sales and 12 percent work in accommodation and food service industries.

Best known for. Acworth is home to not one, but two lakes. Lake Allatoona, which is the second largest lake in the Metro Atlanta area with over 12,000 acres of water and features 270 miles of shoreline and Lake Acworth, a 260 acre man-made lake with a public beach and park along its northern shores. Enjoy fishing, boating, and swimming.

Places to shop. If you’re looking for one-of-a-kind items, Acworth is the perfect place to find them. Its historic downtown has a variety of boutiques, jewelry and gift stores, art galleries, and antique shops.

Where to eat. There are around 94 restaurants, bars, and coffee shops in Acworth. Some of the more notable local dining establishments in the area include, Fish Thyme Restaurant, Henry’s Louisiana Grill, and Tapestry at The Old Mill.


Who lives there? There is a mixture of both white and blue-collar workers with 15 percent of Kennesaw’s residents working in management and 13 percent work in the sales industry.

Best known for. Kennesaw National Battlefield Park. The park, which is visited by thousands of hikers and walkers each week, has a 1-mile trail up the mountain, which rises 800 feet during your hike to the top.

Places to shop. With over 175 stores, Kennesaw’s Town Center at Cobb is considered one of Northwest Atlanta’s main shopping destinations.

Where to eat. There are around 150 restaurants, bars and coffee shops in Kennesaw. Residents can enjoy dining at restaurants, such as Capers Restaurant and Bar, Big Shanty Smokehouse, and The Rotisserie Shop.


Who lives there? There is a mixture of both white and blue-collar workers with 20 percent of Marietta’s residents working in the construction industry and 12 percent work in retail sales.

Best known for. The city is perhaps best known for its downtown area, which is commonly called Marietta Square, or the Square in Marietta. Residents enjoy shopping and dining at the local stores and eateries, which are conveniently located around the square.

Place to shop. In addition to the local businesses on the Square in Marietta, residents can enjoy shopping at The Avenue West Cobb. Setup like a mall, but with outdoor entrance access to stores, residents can enjoy shopping at stores like The Sunglass Hut, Barnes & Noble, and Jos A Banks.

Where to eat. There are around 367 restaurants, bars, and coffee shops in Marietta. Pizza, hamburgers, and even Cuban food. Marietta has something for everyone. Some of the more notable local dining establishments in the area include, The Red Eyed Mule, Marietta Pizza Co., and the Cuban Diner.

Powder Springs:

Who lives there? There is a mixture of both white and blue-collar workers with 10 percent of residents working in sales and 10 percent working in installation, maintenance, and repair occupations.

Best known for. A local farm was featured prominently in the second season of Stranger Things giving this quaint city of West Cobb a new claim to fame. It also is known for its seven springs, however, which is where the city gets its name.

Places to shop. The city is currently going through a bit of a facelift, so while there are some specialty shops and antique stores to visit, you’ll have to wait and see what the city has planned for its downtown area after the renovation project is completed. Meanwhile, there are plenty of brand name stores in the area for your everyday needs.

Where to eat. Home cooking and BBQ are what’s on the menu for places to eat in Powder Springs. Notable restaurants in the area include Johnny’s BBQ, Carzell’s Kitchen LLC, and BB’s Fish and Wings.

Why Live in West Cobb?

Thinking of moving to West Cobb? Here are some things I like to share with my clients.

  • There have been three new high schools built in West Cobb during the past seven years (Kennesaw Mountain, Hillgrove, and Allatoona).
  • When it comes to buying a home, many of my clients find that West Cobb is a much more affordable option, especially when they realize that they can’t find what they want in East Cobb.
  • With its close proximity to I-75 and ease of commute into Atlanta, the West Cobb Area has increasingly become a popular place to live.

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